Dr. Raouf Afifi is preventive medicine & public Health consultant, researcher, health administrator, and consultant pediatrician with over 37 years in clinical and community health practice at renowned international academic and healthcare institutions. He was lastly Supervisor of Community Medicine Boards, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA); Head, Preventive Medicine Departments, Military Hospitals, KSA; Consultant, ITM-Health Services & Research Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Consultant, Research Excellence Institute, Cairo Egypt, Director, Research & Continuing Medical Education (CME), SA Consultancy& Training Institute, Cairo Egypt. Dr. Afifi is principal investigator in the field of epidemiologic, communicable (CDs), non-CDs, childhood trauma, applied health policy and healthcare reform research, with over 75 publications, books, and international authorships. Dr. Afifi is peer reviewer to a multitude of international publishers: BMJ, SDI, Biomed Central, CDC, Academic journals. Dr. Afifi obtained his MD, MSc, PhD degrees from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, 1980-1991. He obtained MPH degree from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indiana (IUPUI), USA, and MHA degree from IUPUI, USA 2000-2005. Dr. Afifi is dedicated to scientific research excellence, community health programs development, CME & professional development of HCWs, preparing community medicine cadres, supervising theses and coaching them in raising the health standards of the populations through prevention.