Epidemiological Study of Influenza A(H1N1) Virus Infection during Lockdown Due to COVID-19 Pandemics in Uttarakhand

Jyoti Chandola, Pooja Singh, Sandeep Singh, Shilpa Semwal, Komal Gupta, Narotam Sharma

Page: 1-6
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Neurodegenerative Observations on the Cerebral Cortex of Adult Wistar Rats Following Mercury Chloride Induced Cortical Damage in Adult Wistar Rats

A. J. Ajibade, P. B. Fakunle, T. S. Owolabi

Page: 7-16
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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Breast Self-Examination (BSE) among Women in an Urban City in Abia State, Nigeria

Ejiro C. Iwuoha, Ngozi C. Ekeleme, Chika L. Uche

Page: 17-25
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Microbiological Enumeration of Pathogens Associated with Urinary Tract Infection: Current Scenario and Its Medical Relevance

Pooja Singh, Jyoti Chandola, Manoj Singh Shahi, Narotam Sharma, Komal Gupta, Sandeep Singh

Page: 26-31
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Analyzing the Impact of Long-Lasting Changes in Energy Homeostasis and Nutrient Sensing on Nutritional Programming of Hypothalamus in Rats

Shimaa Mohammed Hasnin Aboelnaga, Fahmida Khatoon

Page: 32-38
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Indoor Air Quality in Benghazi’s Hospitals and Its Impact among Patients

Hadir Gawili, Hawa A. Bodabos, Wafa A. Al-Awami, Ahmed O. Al-Gargouri, Yahia F. Alhegazi

Page: 39-52
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COVID-19 Emergency: Faux Healthcare Service Causes Distress and Life Dissatisfaction

Amitab Bhattacharjee, Vikram Bansal, Mohammad Khairul Islam Juman

Page: 53-61
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