Herbal Approach towards the Cure of Diabetes Mellitus— A Review

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Jabbar Ahmed Qureshi
Zahida Memon
Kausar Moin Mirza
Fizza Saher


Diabetes mellitus, a silent killer, is a disease which is characterized by altered metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and lipids, classically present as raised blood glucose levels. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in increasing rapidly in both high and low-income countries. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by uncontrolled high blood glucose levels as an outcome of deficient pancreatic insulin release or poor insulin-coordinated utilization of glucose by glucose utilizing cells. Diabetes mellitus is related to a number of metabolic manifestations like atherosclerosis, with further consequences like cardiovascular disease and stroke that can lead to premature death. Numerous therapeutic agents that are available for the treatment of diabetes however these drugs have a number of restrictions, and the whole restoration from diabetes have not been accounted up till now. Herbs have been utilized from old time to cure the humankind because of their presumed lesser adverse effects, relatively high availability and relatively low cost; herbs are admired by general public. This review high lights the role of different herbs in the treatment of diabetes mellitus along with their predicted mechanism of action in relation to clinical investigations.

Diabetes mellitus, hyperglycemia, herbs

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Qureshi, J. A., Memon, Z., Moin Mirza, K., & Saher, F. (2018). Herbal Approach towards the Cure of Diabetes Mellitus— A Review. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 12(2), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJMAH/2018/42470
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