A Case Report of Breast Myofibroblastoma: A Bad Looking Benign Tumor

Diego Reyes García *

Department of Radiology, Hospital General de Morelia, Morelia, Michoacán, México.

Misael Elizalde López

Department of Breast Imaging, Hospital General de Morelia, Morelia, Michoacán, México.

Agustín Parra Macias

Department of Radiology, Hospital General de Morelia, Morelia, Michoacán, México.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This study aims to analyze the relevance of the correct evaluation in the breast pathology, using a standardized method for reporting breast imaging studies, the Breast Imaging Report And Data System (BI-RADS). Myofibroblastoma (MFB) of the breast is a rare, benign, mesenchymal tumor of breast, can be a diagnostic challenge for the non-experienced general radiologist or radiology resident, due to its clinical, mammographic and ultrasonographic characteristics. In this report case we present a 57-year-old women with a breast lump and non-specific imaging findings, through her mammographic and ultrasonographic evaluation, requiring histopathological correlation, making the diagnoses of MFB, leading to lumpectomy as treatment.

Keywords: Myofibroblastoma of the breast, benign breast tumor, BI-RADS, mammography, ultrasound

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García, D. R., López , M. E., & Macias, A. P. (2024). A Case Report of Breast Myofibroblastoma: A Bad Looking Benign Tumor. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 22(6), 12–18. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajmah/2024/v22i61015


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