Alexandre sérgio silva, Professor ar federal university of paraíba. Research in physical exercise and clinical nutrition. PhD in HumanMotor Science atStateOf São Paulo University. Permanent Professor of Post-Graduate Programs (Master'sandPh.D.) in two programs: Physical Educationand Nutrition Sciences. It investigates thepotential of physical and food training for thetreatment of chronicdiseases (hypertension, diabetes andobesity), and physiological, genetic and methodological factors that modulate the effect of training onbloodpressure, glycemic responses andthe magnitude of weight loss that can be obtained with physical training. The researchalsoaddressesthepotential of physiological monitoring tools for the diagnosis and control of training loadsof high performanceandrecreationalathletes, as well as thepotentialofin naturafoods as ergogenicresourceto improve performance orposttrainingrecoveryofathletes.