Essentials of Healthcare Marketing

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Marium Syed
Farah Ahmed
Nisha Zahid
Nimra Khalid
Noor Israr


This is a systemic review to identify the essentials of health care marketing. The objective of this study is to critically analyze, assess, and document the literature [1,2,3] (Balogun and Ogunnaike, 2017; Awaand Eze, 2013) on elements of health care marketing, to establish its scope and to identify its gaps in various studies literature and to make further recommendations related to this field. Practitioners and researchers are slowly and gradually recognizing and identifying the importance of health care marketing for the growth of this industry. However, all have not yet embraced the methodical application of marketing theories. The data, which is available on diversity of service providers, different care services that are available and their comparative and respective impact on health care marketing have limitations.

Health care marketing, medical industry, health care management

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Syed, M., Ahmed, F., Zahid, N., Khalid, N., & Israr, N. (2021). Essentials of Healthcare Marketing. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 19(2), 73-79.
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