Assessment of Patients’ Knowledge of Radiation Exposure during Medical Imaging Procedures at Private Medical Radiography Centres in Ogun State, Nigeria

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Adedapo A. Adejumo
U. Enebeli, Ugo
Olaolu O. Bilewu


Introduction: Radiological examinations are commonly requested for patients to aid clinical diagnosis. However, many doctors do not realize how much radiation dosage their patients are exposed to during radiological aim. The main objective of this study was to assess the level of knowledge of radiation exposure and safety practices among patients undergoing medical imaging in Ado-Odo Local Government Area, in Ogun State of Nigeria.

Methodology: A self-administered questionnaire was used for the study.

Results: More than half of the respondents 216(69.7%) were female, more than one-quarter 153(49.4) of the respondents were aged 20-29 years, More than half 186(60.0%) of the respondent are single. More than half 204(66.4%) of the respondents have heard about radiation exposure. Majority 232(74.8%) of the respondents agree that radiation hazard do come only from medical radiations. More than half 21(68.7%) of the respondents agree that they do take note of radiation warning sign, majority 236(76.1%) of the respondents agree that they know the wrong use of dose of ionizing radiation can lead to mortality, 217(70.0%) of the respondents agree that inappropriate safety measure on ionizing radiation can result into cancer

Conclusion: This study notes that majority of the literature on awareness and knowledge of the effects of ionizing radiation was carried out among health workers, whereas there is limited information from patients who undergo the procedure. This accounts for the paucity of local studies to compare our results with. In future, studies could compare the radiation awareness among patients presenting at health facilities from public and private, as well as differences in awareness levels of self-presenting and prescribed patients

Radiation, attitude, medical imaging, protective measures.

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Adejumo, A. A., Ugo, U. E., & Bilewu, O. O. (2020). Assessment of Patients’ Knowledge of Radiation Exposure during Medical Imaging Procedures at Private Medical Radiography Centres in Ogun State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 18(10), 99-109.
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