Misclassification of Asymptomatic Infections of COVID-19

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Verner N. Orish
Duniesky Martinez Lopez


Introduction: Several cases of asymptomatic infections of COVID-19 being reported by several countries in this pandemic and with the recent conflicting information of asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19, it is important to look critically on the true nature of these reported asymptomatic infections. There is a possibility most of the reported asymptomatic infections of COVID-19 are not truly asymptomatic but are either presymptomatic, mild infections or infections in the post-symptomatic phase.

Results: These infections misclassified as asymptomatic infections can result in misleading findings in studies attempting to understand asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19.

Conclusion: It is therefore crucial that rigorous and detailed data be collected during contact tracing to accurately identify and classify asymptomatic infections COVID-19.

COVID-19, mild infections, presymptomatic infection

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Orish, V. N., & Lopez, D. M. (2020). Misclassification of Asymptomatic Infections of COVID-19. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 18(9), 119-122. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajmah/2020/v18i930242
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