Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes in an Underserved Population through Community Outreach; A Case of Rural Community in Enugu State, Nigeria

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C. Onodugo Obinna
C. Aniwada Elias
P. Onodugo Nkeiru


Introduction: Hypertension and Diabetes are the commonest co-morbidity of each other and are among the principal cause of the burden of non-communicable diseases in developing countries. It is important to identify patients with these conditions early in the disease process. This study was

to determine the prevalence of elevated Blood Pressure (BP) and elevated Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) as well as relate it to the characteristics of the study participants in a rural community in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Methods: Community based cross-sectional study in form of outreach was done. The study was conducted over 1 week period among participants aged 18 years and above. Proforma was used in collecting information on characteristics of participants including age, sex and occupation. Measurements of BP, FBS and BMI were done. Chi square test and Binary Logistic Regression were used for analysis.

Results: Majority of participants were aged > 45 years 127(56.7%), and females 139(62.1%),Mean(SD) 46.89((21.84) Elevated BP 55(24.6%), elevated FBS 42(18.8%), both elevated BP and FBS. 13(5.8%). higher proportion of those aged > 45 years had elevated BP 51(92.7%) and elevated FBS 37(88.1%). More Females had elevated BP 35(63.6%) and elevated FBS 28(66.7%). Predictors were; age >45 years for elevated BP (AOR 18.4; 95% CI 5.7-59.5) and for have elevated FBS (AOR 8.9; 95% CI 3.0-26.5).

Conclusion: Prevalence of raised BP and FBS as well as co-morbid condition was high. It was more among females and older age. Age was a predictor of both raised BP and FBS. This calls for interventional programmes that will assist in limiting the increasing burden of the diseases in rural communities.

Raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar, screening, outreach, rural community

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Obinna, C., Elias, C., & Nkeiru, P. (2019). Screening for Hypertension and Diabetes in an Underserved Population through Community Outreach; A Case of Rural Community in Enugu State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Medicine and Health, 15(2), 1-9.
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